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Santino Jas
From window cleaner to artsaar


I proudly welcome you to my art world!
A world that was completely unknown to me, but which saw major changes in 2020.

This was the year wherer on September 9 my name Santino Andreas Jas was created for the first timeoemd.
Born and raised in Beukstraat in The Hague, where I left again 22 years later.

Left to start my own family in the municipality of Leiderdorp with my partner Chantal.
2 years later we had our first son named Moreno and 18 months later our 2nd son Djano was born.

Many people still know me as Santino, the window cleaner who comes to the door in the evening to collect his money. I have had my own company in the facilities sector since 2008 and am still active in this to this day.

My company called Nano Protech applies sustainable coatings based on Nano technology. In this way we make real estate projects more sustainable and breathe new life into heavily weathered surfaces.

Despite my bizarre career switch, I thought it was very important to maintain my basic income. This way I keep my lifestyle as an artist relaxed and I can make creations without having to experience financial pressure.

In short... I enjoy the moment.

Entrepreneurship is in my blood. But I have always had creativity. Not necessarily in the form of being able to draw well, but in coming up with innovative ideas. I see possibilities everywhere and if I want it bad enough, I will realize it, regardless of what anyone thinks.

A quality that sometimes drives Chantal a bit crazy, but it has brought me where I am today. 


Eand artwork must appeal to someone. It has to suit you and be a woww effect deliver. 

I create my works with this vision and add a recognizable and innovative technique.
My wow effect...

Every artist distinguishes himself or herself in his or her way.
In my opinion, that makes someone's work unique. Abstract or modern? That's every man for himself.

I am an entrepreneur who has started doing what he really enjoys and what makes him happy.
And that is what you see in my creations.


Check out my YouTube channel and be inspired!

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